From Slides to Swings: Top 20 Playgrounds in Stockholm


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Searching for the perfect Playground in Stockholm for your family’s next adventure? Look no further! 

As a seasoned traveler and mom, I’ve explored the city’s best playgrounds, each offering unique experiences for your little ones. This article covers everything from imaginative themes that ignite creative play to safety-focused designs. 

I understand the challenge of finding kid-friendly spots that align with family needs, and I’m here to share my top picks and insider tips. 

Join me as we dive into Stockholm’s playground wonderland, and I will ensure that your family’s playtime is as magical and hassle-free as possible.

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Our selection of Top Playgrounds in Stockholm

The Best Playground for Toddlers: Bryggartäppan Lekplats

The Best Playground for Winter Fun: Stora Blecktornsparken

The Best Playground for Summer Cooling Off: Aspuddsparken

The Best Playground for Imaginative Play: Härbreparken

The Best Playground for Active Kids: Vasaparkens

The Best Playground for Learning: Museiparken 

The Best Playground for Accessibility: Rålambshovs parklek

The Best Playground for a Picnic: Ivar Los Parken

The Best Playground for Animal Lovers: Aspuddsparken

The Best Indoor Playground (for Rainy Days): Rålambshovs parklek


Vasaparkens Parklek


Vasaparkens Parklek in Stockholm is in the heart of the city. It’s at Dalagatan 11 and has lots of fun stuff. The playground has rubber hills with a climbing wall and slides, which are great for kids who love adventure. It also has three trampolines. Just a heads-up: the hills can get slippery when it’s cold and snowy.

This place is excellent for kids of all ages. It’s easy to get to because smooth paths lead up from Odengatan and Dalagatan. The playground is on a hill, but it’s not too steep. 

Besides the play area, there’s more to do. There’s a ball field, a dog area, and even a yoga pavilion. In winter, the ball field turns into a skating rink, which is super fun.

I’ve been there with my kids, and we love it. My older son really likes climbing the hill. He enjoys the challenge. My youngest is all about the Babblarna pictures and the little slides. 

The playground’s right between Odenplan and St. Eriksplan, so it’s easy to get to. Also, check out Snö ice cream shop nearby, especially in the summer. It’s a great treat after a day at the playground. 

Additional Activities Nearby: If you visit during summer, check out the ice creams at Snö


Humlegården Parklek


Humlegården Parklek is an excellent playground in Stockholm. It’s located at Karlavägen 32. This place has everything a kid could want: climbing frames, swings, playhouses, you name it. They even have many toys like bikes, buckets, shovels, and balls. In winter, they bring out sleds and pulkas, which is so much fun for the kids.

The park is divided into sections, each designed for different age groups. Fences separate the areas, so no matter how old your kids are, they’ll find something fun to do. There’s also a disabled toilet, which is handy for families.

Speaking from my own visits, my youngest son loves hanging out in Pippi’s area. It’s his favorite spot. And Ollie? He’s all about climbing the castle and playing in the training area. Both of my boys have a blast every time we go.

Additional Activities Nearby: Have you tried Mr. Cake? If not, you should! It’s just a small walk from the park.

Ellen Keys


The playground at Birger Jarlsgatan 72 is very special. It looks like Ellen Key’s living room and garden. Picture yourself entering a huge living room with big furniture! Fredrik Ekroth and Tor Svae created this playground. It includes a big armchair to climb on, books that make a playhouse, and a large cup filled with sand for baking.

I’ve been there with my kids, and it’s a cool spot for photos. It feels like you’re in a fairy tale, like ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ as some people say. But just a heads-up, my kids got a bit bored after a while. It’s definitely more about the cool look than lots of activities. So, it’s great for a quick visit and some fun pictures, but it might not keep the little ones busy for too long.

Krubbans lekplats


Krubbans playground at Linnégatan 64 is a playground with a cool twist – it’s inspired by the area’s history. This place packs a lot of fun into a small space. There’s a climbing frame, a slide, a play bus, a playhouse, and a sandbox.

One thing to keep in mind is that the playground is small and gets crowded, especially on weekends. So, if you’re planning a visit, you might try a weekday or go early to beat the rush.

Another good thing about Krubbans playground is its location. It’s super close to the Swedish History Museum. So, after the kids have had their fill of playtime, you can take a short walk and dive into some amazing history. It’s a great way to mix up the day with both outdoor fun and a bit of learning.



Museiparken at Museivägen 7 in Stockholm is a playground paradise with a special twist. This place is not only for playing but also for learning.

The Mathematics Garden is part of the Tekniska Museum. It’s all about teaching math through play. Kids can enjoy a climbing net, various musical instruments, and other cool features.

Right next to the Tekniska Museum is the Police Museum, which has its own playground. It’s not too big, but there’s a fantastic extra: visitors to the museum can rent pedal cars to drive around. It’s a neat little add-on for an extra price.

From my own visits, I can tell you that Museiparken is a hit with my boys. My older son can’t get enough of the pedal police cars and the climbing net. As for my younger one, he’s all about the musical instruments. They each find something special that keeps them entertained.

And while you’re there, remember to check out the nearby museums. It’s a perfect chance to mix some learning and culture with all the playground fun.


Ivar Los Parken


Ivar Los Parken, at Bastugatan 26, is not just any playground. It’s a theme park that takes you straight to the countryside, right in the middle of the city. This place has wooden horses for kids and even a barn setup. Plus, there’s a special area just for the little ones.

Now, the park is on a hill, so you’ll get a bit of a workout getting there. The view of Stockholm from here is totally worth it, though. It’s a fantastic spot for some beautiful photos.

Getting to Ivar Los Parken can be a bit tricky. It’s about a 10-minute walk from the nearest subway station. The path is hilly, but don’t worry – it’s doable with a stroller.

My personal tip? One of the best things in this playground is the beautiful view. So, pack a blanket and some snacks, and have a picnic on the grass. It’s a perfect way to relax and soak in the beauty of Stockholm while the kids have fun.



Drakenbergsparken, located at Drakenbergsgatan 35, is a real gem for families in Stockholm. The playground’s main attraction is a big dragon sculpture in the center, which kids can climb on.

This is a big playground with something for everyone. There are climbing frames, swings, slides, trampolines, and even ball fields. There’s a safe, fenced area with a sandbox and a playhouse for toddlers and younger children.

The playground is perfect for kids of all ages. It has different sections for different age groups. It’s very easy to get to, only 15 minutes from the central station by subway. It’s also close to the Hornstull subway station.

And there’s more than just the playground. Drakenbergsparken is part of Tantolunden, which is an amazing park. It has grassy lawns, jogging paths, food trucks nearby and even a sandy bay beach. Plus, if you’re into mini-golf, they’ve got that too. 

Stora Blecktornsparken


Stora Blecktornsparken is a great playground near the Skanstull subway station. It’s like a mini-adventure park. You can find it at Katarina Bangata 78. It’s only a 10-minute walk away. There are more than just swings and slides here. They also have trampolines, climbing frames, and a cable car.

What sets it apart are the animals. Yes, you heard that right – pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, sheep, and goats! It’s like having a playground and a petting zoo all in one.

Safety is well taken care of, with indoor facilities available during working hours. This is great when you need a break from outdoor activities or when the weather doesn’t allow you to be outside.

For kids who love animals, Stora Blecktornsparken is a dream come true. Kids aged 5 to 10 can take courses to learn about animal care, feeding, training, and cuddling with animals.

And if you love a BBQ, they have a grill on Wednesdays and Sundays. You can bring hot dogs and cook there.

During winter they set up a sleigh on a big slope, so you can bring your own pulka or snow racer. It’s not just fun for the kids; adults can have a blast too. 

Bryggartäppan Lekplats


Bryggartäppan Lekplats is a small and charming playground. It has a unique theme. The playground is located at Bjurholmsgatan 1A. It’s inspired by Per Anders Fogelström’s “Mina drömmars stad” (City of My Dreams), and it really brings the book to life.

Kids can play in a workshop, forge, factory building, stables, and even an outhouse. It also has swings, a sandbox, a seesaw, a wooden maze, and a large wooden horse with a carriage.

It’s perfect for small kids, I’d say those younger than 5 years old. They really like the different activities made for their size and imagination.

There’s a nice café that’s perfect for a little break. You can grab ice cream, waffles, and hot dogs – a nice treat after some playtime. From my own experience, Bryggartäppan Lekplats is a nice spot, though it’s on the smaller side. 

Anders Franzéns park


Anders Franzén Park in Hammarby Sjöstad area, at Båtklubsgatan 2 is a one-of-a-kind playground that’s like a mini harbor town for kids. This special place has a small shipyard, a workshop, a carpentry shop, and a tug boat for kids. Plus, it has the usual playground favorites like swings and a large nursery area. It also includes a skate park, perfect for street skating enthusiasts.

The park is fantastic for kids of all ages, offering a wide variety of activities. Kids can swing, skate, or play here. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

While it’s not in the city center, getting there is easy. It’s a short bus ride from Slussen, and the trip takes less than 5 minutes. The short trip is worth it, especially for a fun playground experience. 


Kristinebergs slottspark – Uggleparken


The playground at Kristinebergs Slottspark, also called Uggleparken, is truly magical. The park gets its nickname “Owl Park” thanks to its two large owl structures that are the main attractions. But that’s not all. It also has big ants to balance on. There are spinning mushroom carousels and flowers with hammocks. And there are even giant beetles. It’s like stepping into “A Bugs Life” movie.

The playground equipment here is different and challenging, more suitable for older children. Everything is made of wood, and the ground is covered with rubber for safety, which is a nice touch.

For extra fun, during the summer months, from May to September, there’s a mini-golf course nearby. It’s a great addition to a day out at this fantastic playground.

Kristinebergs Slottspark is right by Kristineberg’s subway station, making it accessible. So, if you’re using public transport, this is a great choice. 

Rålambshovs parklek


Rålambshovs Parklek also known as Rålis Parklek, at Smedsuddsvägen 6, is a playground that has it all. The playground has many fun things, like climbing frames, swings, slides, and playhouses.

During working hours they have an indoor area available. Here, kids can play table tennis, air hockey, and other games. It’s also a great spot for parents to relax with a coffee and socialize. Plus, there’s a toilet with a changing table and a microwave, which is super convenient.

You can easily get to the park from North Mälarstrand. This makes it a breeze to get to, especially for strollers and wheelchairs.

The park has big green areas, great for picnics, playing on the basketball court next to the skate ramp, or relaxing. It’s a great spot to spend a whole day during summer.

Getting to Rålis Parklek is pretty easy. Only about a 10-minute walk from Fridhemsplan. Rålis Parklek is a great place for the whole family.

Great Stockholm

Mulle Mecks Lekpark


Mulle Meck park is north of Stockholm in Mönstringsvägen 9. It feels like a storybook world, especially for fans of Mulle Meck books (known as Gary Gadget in English). This themed playground has characters from the books.

The story has many characters, including Mulle Meck and his dog Buffa, Viola Vallmark with her flower labyrinth, Figge Ferrum’s truck, Daisy Diesel’s garage, and Gårdan van Gågg’s studio. There’s even Linlyftet and the restaurant Chez Nous with Gabriella Gourmet and Gaston Garçon.

It’s a hit mostly with smaller kids, up to about five years old. The park has a slide and other fun things. The best part is the exploration and play it encourages.

From my own experience, my sons love Mulle Mecks Lekpark. They enjoy exploring playhouses, riding trucks, sliding down slides, and playing in labyrinths. Every visit here is a big hit with them. 



Fruktlekparken at Liljeholmsgränd is a playground that’s all about fruit! This special place has play sculptures that look like fruits, making it fun for kids.

The playground features a banana slide, which is a big hit. There are three spinning strawberries and three small pear playhouses. 

The watermelon climbing structure and the spinning apple offer more adventurous activities. Also, there are a few climbing cherries, a cherry lamp, a pineapple structure, and a swing. It’s like a fruit basket of fun activities for kids.

There are big open areas by the playground for ball games, sunbathing, or having a picnic. It’s the perfect place to relax after the kids have had their fill of play.

Fruktlekparken is conveniently close to Liljeholmen subway station, so it’s easy to reach. This playground is made mostly for little kids. It has bright colors and fun activities. Kids can play, learn, and enjoy the outdoors. 



Aspuddsparken is a wonderful park for children and families. It is located at Blommensbergsvägen and Hövdingagatan. The playground has swings, a sandbox, trampolines, carousels, and a climbing frame with a slide. In the summer, there’s a cool splash pool for beating the heat.

What’s really cool about Aspuddsparken is the animals. They’ve got sheep, goats, pigs, horses, chickens, rabbits, cats, and guinea pigs. It’s like a little farm right in the park, which is super fun for the kids.

If you need a snack or a place to chill, there’s a café and an indoor playroom in the park house. It’s perfect for a quick break while the kids keep playing.

The park is just a 10-minute walk from Aspudden subway station, so it’s easy to get to.



Långsjöparken in Huddinge, located at Stambanevägen 108, isn’t your ordinary playground. It’s a mini city with a historical twist. This playground takes you on a playful journey through Huddinge’s history.

The most unique features? A sunken locomotive, a tractor, and a bike carousel. It’s great for kids who love to pretend they’re racing or going on adventures.

The creative playground is set up like a little town. Kids can play in different spots like Loffe’s grill, a petrol station, a bakery, and a garage. It’s perfect for pretend play and lets kids use their imagination.

This playground is a unique find in Huddinge and a great spot for a family day out. 



Härbreparken, located at Härbrevägen 2, is like stepping right into a storybook. This playground is based on the town of Valleby from the LasseMajas detektivbyrå books. This Swedish children’s book are also known as “The JerryMaya Detective Agency” in English. This nice playground is a dream come true for fans of the books, or any kid who loves a good mystery.

The park is filled with mini versions of places described in the books. Kids can go to different places like a hot dog stand, eye doctor, pet shop, police station, and even a lighthouse. They can pretend to drive a car with a caravan or sail a boat. It’s all about imaginative play here.

For more active fun, there are climbing nets, swings, a sandbox, and even a football pitch. The park’s surface is flat, making it easy to get around with wheelchairs or prams. But, the playground itself isn’t as accessible, and some of the playhouses need climbing stairs.

Parking around Härbreparken can be a bit of a challenge as options are limited. But the unique experience of exploring Valleby’s little town is worth the effort.

Lilla Kvarnholmen 


Lilla Kvarnholmen at Rågvägen 12 in Nacka is another colorful playground with a unique industrial twist. Kvarnholmen’s historic industrial buildings- including the iconic Kvarnen Tre Kronor- inspired this playground.

Children can imagine driving a truck, playing in a store, sailing on a boat, and sliding down a small mill.

The playground has the classical as well. Including a swing, different height stumps for jumping, and a small trampoline.

Lilla Kvarnholmen is a safe place where young children can have fun while exploring and learning.

Barnens Wäsby Verkstäder


Barnens Wäsby Verkstäder is a playground in Upplands Väsby with an interesting industrial theme. It is a fun factory adventure for kids, inspired by Väsby’s history.

Kids can play in workshop-themed factories. They can slide down a replica door handle and crawl into a camera housing to spy on the outside world. The playground has various play areas, such as an office and workshops for cars and carpentry.

What’s really cool is the local history tied to the playground. The Svenska Metalverken made the camera frame used to document Apollo 11’s moon landing in 1969. That camera was a Hasselblad, a famous brand from Gothenburg. 



Banankontakt in Bålsta, right at Kalmarvägen 10, is a playground that’s all about bananas! This special place is outside the Åbergs Museum. It was inspired by the Trazan & Banarne TV show. The show aired from 1976 to 1982.

This isn’t your average playground. It has a long track for climbing, a fun banana slide, a trampoline, and a sandbox shaped like a banana. There are also swings shaped like bananas and places to play in the water. These areas are great for having fun on sunny days.

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