Best Things to do in Stockholm in Winter with kids


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Dreaming of a Stockholm in winter with kids getaway? Get ready for snowy adventures, cozy cafes, and memories that’ll last a lifetime!

This guide explores awesome outdoor activities in Stockholm during winter, from thrilling skiing slopes to sledding down frosty hills. And on chillier days, you can check out Stockholm’s museums and warm up with yummy treats in cozy cafes. 

I’ll share my local mom’s tips on keeping everyone happy and toasty. After five Stockholm winters with my own little ones, I’ve got the inside scoop on making the most of this magical season for families.

So, let’s get those snowsuits ready!

Outdoor Activities in Stockholm in Winter with kids

Ice Skating in Stockholm

Ice skating in Stockholm is a fantastic family activity! Whether you’re a pro skater or a beginner, the city’s free ice rinks are a must-visit. Let’s check out a few popular ones:

Kungsträdgården: This spot is a winner right in the city center. You can get in for free, bring your own skates, or rent some there. Don’t forget helmets for the kids and maybe for us grown-ups, too. This rink is open all Winter.

Vasaparken: This ice rink is larger than Kungsträdgården and is a hit from November to March. They don’t have skate rentals, so you’ll need to bring your own gear. It’s less crowded, fewer tourists, giving you more space to skate and have fun with the kids. Free entry.

Medborgarplatsen: Situated in Södermalm, this smaller rink is super kid-friendly. Just like Vasaparken, you’ll need to bring your own skates. It’s a sweet spot for your little ones to skate and play.

Skating on Nature’s Ice

Did you know that Stockholm is a city surrounded by water? It’s true! In the town, you’ll find several lakes, perfect for ice skating in natural ice when Winter arrives. 

One spot I recommend is Trekanten in Liljeholmen, just 20 minutes from the city center.

Or, for a bit of adventure, visit Hellasgården, a lovely nature reserve only 30 minutes away. They offer skate rentals and other fun activities like a sauna and café, perfect for warming up after a session on the ice!

As someone from a tropical country, experiencing snow and frozen lakes was entirely new, and I absolutely loved it. And guess what? You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy this. All it takes is a bit of enthusiasm and a spirit for a great adventure and lots of fun.

A little reminder: Skating on the lake is at your own risk. If you’re unfamiliar with ice skating or don’t have the right gear or company, consider joining a guided tour for a safe and enjoyable experience. 🌟

Go sledding in Stockholm

When Winter arrives, Stockholm transforms into a snowy playground perfect for families. Sledding is a popular activity here, enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

Fun for kids and adults!

My son adores sledding, known as “åker pulka” in Swedish. Here are some fantastic spots for sledding in and around the city:

  • Vitabergsparken: Located in Södermalm, this park is great for sledding and offers a stunning city view. It’s ideal for older kids due to its steep hills.
  • Ivar Los Park: This place boasts magnificent views and a large hill for sledding.
  • Stora Blecktornsparken: You can experience thrilling sled rides down a big hill and enjoy the playground.
  • Tantolunden: A popular spot for picnics in the summer, Tantolunden transforms into a perfect winter sledding destination.
  • Humlegården: This park in the city center is excellent for little kids with its gentle and safe hills. They also lend out sleds and helmets from 10am to 5pm.
  • Vasaparken: Besides the ice skating rink, Vasaparken features a cool hill for sledding.
  • Kronobergsparken: This park offers numerous steep hills if you’re seeking a thrilling ride.
  • Hagaparken: Our top pick! It’s stunning and provides plenty of winter fun, including an excellent hill for sledding.
A panoramic view of a snowy day in Hagaparken, Stockholm, bustling with kids and families sledding down gentle slopes, surrounded by the stark beauty of leafless trees and the soft light of an overcast sky, perfectly illustrating the joy of Stockholm in winter with kids. Pin
Panoramic view of Hagaparken in Winter

Family Skiing Near Stockholm

Stockholm’s snowy season brings fantastic ski spots, perfect for families. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, there’s a hill for everyone. Check out these top places to ski near Stockholm:

  • Flottsbro in Huddinge: With 5 runs, 3 lifts, and Stockholm’s most extensive ski rental, it’s perfect for all levels. They have a limited number of Ski Passes for sale daily. So, pre-book your Ski Passes and rental for a seamless day on the slopes.
  • Hammarbybacken ski resort in Hammarby Sjöstad is the perfect spot for downhill skiing with breathtaking views of Stockholm. You’ll find a children’s area with an easy green slope and two conveyor belts that make the area accessible to everyone. 
  • Ekebyhovsbacken in Ekerö: It has two lifts, including one for the little ones, and four illuminated runs of varying difficulty. The longest descent is 510 meters with an 84-meter height difference. Plus, there’s a specially adapted riding area for children and beginners, with its lift and fun courses featuring bumps and tunnels. Ski rentals are available, and the ski school welcomes children between 5-12 years of age at all skill levels.
  • Ekholmsnäsbacken in Lidingö is a ski resort outside Stockholm. The slope stands tall at 70m and features two slopes and several lifts. Children aged 0-6 go free when accompanied by a paying parent. The ski rental offers skis, boots, poles, and helmets for everyone aged 2 years and up.
  • Ragnhildsborgsbacken in Södertälje: Whether you’re into downhill or cross-country skiing, Ragnhildsborgsbacken in Södertälje has something for everyone. Plus, they offer equipment rentals (only ski equipment, not snowboarding).
  • Väsjöparken in Sollentuna: In Väsjöbacken there are 4 slopes. You can rent everything from helmets and poles to boots, skis, and snowboards.
  • Brukets Skidbacke in Järfälla: You’ll find a 900-meter long cross-country ski track near Lake Mälaren and an alpine center featuring a 300-meter long ski slope with a lift.
A young child in a bright red jacket and yellow boots learns to ski on a beginner's slope with a moving walkway, against a backdrop of red safety nets, embodying the joy of Stockholm in winter with kids. Pin
Ollie learning to ski

Visit Stockholm’s Christmas Markets

Going to a Christmas market is a must if you visit Stockholm in December. Each market in the city is unique, with bright lights, yummy smells of mulled wine (glögg, oh, I love glögg!), and freshly baked gingerbread.

The Skansen Christmas Market on Djurgården island is very famous. Skansen is the oldest open-air Museum in the world, and it’s definitely worth a visit. Walking around, you’ll see shops selling Swedish crafts, sweet treats, tasty sausages, and spiced nuts. Kids will love this place. There are plenty of things to do: a zoo with wild Nordic animals and an outdoor and indoor playground.

Stortorgets Julmarknad

And you certainly can’t miss out on the Gamla Stan market, known as the Stortorgets Julmarknad, the oldest one in the city since 1837. This market has around 40 shops offering many Swedish goodies perfect for Christmas gifts.

Day Trip to Sigtuna’s Christmas Market

Want to see more than just Stockholm during this time of the year? Take your family to the Sigtuna Christmas Market for a day. Sigtuna is Sweden’s oldest town, only an hour north of Stockholm. 

The Christmas market starts on the first Sunday of Advent. It’s a lovely event with many people visiting. You can see shops with local crafts, Christmas decorations, and tasty Swedish food. 

Try some ‘pepparkakor’ (gingerbread cookies) and ‘glögg’ (mulled wine) to stay warm. Kids will love the Christmas music and lights.

Remember to wear warm clothes, as it can get very cold outside in Sigtuna. 

Day Trip to Drottningholm Palace for Families

Drottningholm Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an incredible year-round sight. It’s a place my family and I have always recommended. 

Just a 40-minute public transport ride from the city center, this beautifully preserved palace offers a fascinating glimpse into royal history. 

You can explore the palace, where they have a photo hunt suitable for kids from 4 to 12 years old and offer a gift to the children who complete the hunt. 

Interior of Drottningholm Palace

But what really captivates us each visit are the gardens. They transform into a snowy fairy tale landscape, perfect for kids to run around and play. 

My children adore the maze-like paths in the gardens and walking to the Chinese Pavilion. 

Walking the palace grounds is a delightful escape for adults and kids if your schedule allows.

Indoor kid-friendly Activities in Stockholm

Several kid-friendly museums and indoor attractions in Stockholm are perfect for a winter visit. Here are some notable mentions:


Junibacken is a children’s Museum on the island of Djurgården in Stockholm that celebrates the works of famous Swedish authors. 

It has interactive attractions based on the stories of Astrid Lindgren, Gunilla Bergström, and Tove Jansson. 

Whether you’re familiar with these tales or know Pippy Longstocking, your children will surely enjoy exploring this magical world.

The children’s theater, the Story Train, and the outdoor Moomin playground are key attractions.

A small tip for parents: You cannot enter with your stroller, so remember to leave it in the designated parking area. Bringing a padlock might be a good idea for extra security.

Vasa Museum

Visiting the Vasa Museum is a fantastic choice for families in Stockholm, especially during colder weather. 

The Museum showcases the impressive Vasa ship. It sank in 1628 on its maiden voyage and stayed underwater for over 300 years. It now stands as the best-preserved 17th-century ship in the world.


You and your kids can explore Sweden’s maritime history at the Museum. The exhibits tell the tale of the ship and the people aboard it. Children can engage in a family trail, using interactive games to uncover the Vasa’s secrets. Special activities are tailored for kids, including the Vasa Piglet Film, which is suitable for those aged 3 and older.

And, if you’re an ABBA fan, the ABBA Museum is nearby and worth a visit.

Exploring the Nobel Prize Museum

This Museum is located on the north side of the square Stortorget in Gamla Stan and is all about the Nobel laureates and their fantastic work.

The Nobel Museum engages visitors with interactive displays and shows that bring the achievements of these famous individuals to life. Children can immerse themselves in experiments, discover the origins of groundbreaking ideas in Idea Square, and even step into the shoes of a Nobel Prize winner in the Nobel Lab.

Nobel Museum

Visit one of the Public Library in the city 

Visiting one of the city’s public libraries is an excellent idea for families. Many libraries have dedicated spaces for young children, offering a cozy environment for reading together. 

These libraries also host great activities for kids of all ages. I dearly remember taking my babies to our local library’s story time and baby song sessions.

I recommend visiting Kulturhuset, which has “Rum for Barn,” a space specifically for children aged 0 to 9. It’s located right in central Stockholm.

Here, you’ll find an extensive collection of books in over 50 languages. The library provides comfortable spots for families to read together.

The Royal Palace and The Royal Stables

The Royal Palace is stunning, especially the baroque-style interior. The exterior may be less impressive or sophisticated, but once you step inside, you’ll discover a world of wonders. 

The ticket grants you access to the inner apartments, the Museum, and the treasury. Trust me, it’s worth exploring all of them. 

A tranquil winter scene in Stockholm with a snow-covered overlook featuring the Engelbrekt Monument, offering a panoramic view of the city's historical buildings and spires, a picturesque spot for families visiting during a vacation in Stockholm. Pin
View of Stockholm from the City Hall in Winter

The children enjoyed seeing the throne room where the King or Queen would sit and could imagine all the visitors seated in the banqueting room.

Also, the guided tours give you a deeper view of the Swedish history. 

They have activity trails for kids aged 5 to 12  and extra activities during school holidays. 

Baby carriages are not allowed in the palace, so they need to be parked by the Royal Apartments.

Tekniska Museet

The exhibits at the Tekniska Museum are fun and exciting for kids and adults. 

Zero City offers a fantastic opportunity to learn about zero carbon and climate change. Play Beyond Play is an entire floor dedicated to computer games. 

Megamind provides close to 50 stations for the littlest ones where they can explore and play. At the same time, Teknoleleket allows kids to learn and discover mechanics, light, sound, and time.

There are plenty of hands-on activities and informative displays to engage with. The Museum offers a wide range of interactive and educational experiences for kids. It’s a well-thought-out and delightful place with many unique activities.

Children enjoy a sunny day at a playground in Stockholm, featuring modern climbing structures and interactive ground games, with autumn leaves scattered on the surface, illustrating a vibrant community space for play and social interaction. Pin
Theo at the Mathematical Garden playground

Check out the Mathematical Garden playground outside; my kids love it.

Paradox Museum

This place is seriously a blast! It’s super fun and exciting for both adults and kids. You’ll find plenty of exhibits featuring mind-boggling optical illusions that are genuinely entertaining.

It’s not a huge museum, so you can soak up all the fun in just an hour and a half top! 


Cozy Family Fika: Finding the Best Spots

When you’re in Sweden, you’ve got to do as the Swedes do. Make sure to go and have a Fika! Take a fika break, sip coffee, and treat yourself to a delicious kannelbulle cinnamon bun. Trust me, it’s totally worth it!

There are so many amazing spots for Fika in Stockholm; let me tell you, these are absolute gems! 

They’re our go-to places because they offer fantastic treats and have enough space for our kids. Check them out:

  1. Vete-Katten: This tea room is a classic with all the delectable pastries and buns you could dream of for a perfect Fika. And have you ever tried prinsesstårta? If not, you must give it a go here!
  2. Mr. Cake: Treat yourself to a delectable red velvet croissant at this charming establishment. Although the space is not super ample and tends to be crowded, they always accommodate you.
  3. Café Coppola: My favorite is their apple pie, especially when it’s warmed with vanilla cream. Trust me, it’s heavenly! You’ll find this open-area café at Gallerian, right next to T-Centralen.
  4. Espresso House: If you need a coffee break in Stockholm, you’ll likely find an Espresso House nearby. Besides fantastic coffee, they also offer a variety of buns, cakes, and cupcakes. Personally, I can’t resist their Chai Latte.

If you visit Stockholm in January or February, don’t miss trying Semlas!

The semla is a wheat flour bun flavored with cardamom and filled with almond paste and whipped cream 

Practical Tips for Family Travel in Stockholm During Winter

Getting Around

Public Transportation: Stockholm’s public transport is top-notch – efficient, clean, and a breeze. Whether hopping on a bus, tram, or the metro, each mode is family-friendly. 

The metro stations in Stockholm are a treat. They can even be a fun indoor activity to include in your itinerary. 

You won’t need a ticket if you’re traveling with a stroller on the bus. 

Cashless  Payment

In Stockholm, cash is no longer king. Most places accept card payments, so there’s no need to worry about carrying a lot of cash with you. 

This also means you won’t have to worry about exchanging currency before your trip or getting stuck with foreign coins and bills. 

Just inform your bank beforehand to avoid any issues with your cards abroad.

Family-Friendly Food Halls in Stockholm

When you find yourself hungry in Stockholm, you’ll be glad to know that many eateries are well-prepared to accommodate families. Remember those fun-filled days when we were on the lookout for high chairs and menus that catered to kids? Well, Stockholm has got you covered!

  1. K25: perfect for families looking for a lively atmosphere. It’s the ultimate place to grab a quick and delicious bite, with diverse options from sushi to burgers. The relaxed seating is excellent for families with kids. Whatever you’re craving, you’ll find your favorite dish here.
  2. Teatern: Located in the heart of Skanstull, at the Ringen shopping center. Whether it’s pizza, noodles, or kebabs that tempt you, there is something for everyone at Teatern.
  3. Mall of Scandinavia – S2: Combining shopping with dining, the food hall at Mall of Scandinavia is perfect for families. With its diverse range of eateries, it caters to all palates. The family-friendly environment with play areas makes it a hit for parents and children alike.
  4. Kungshallen is a fantastic food hall that offers a wide range of cuisines. It’s the perfect place for families to relax, discover and savor.
  5. Sthlm City Food Hall: Sthlm City Food Hall is in the city centre, on Klarabergsgatan. It brings together eight excellent restaurants serving up a tasty variety of cuisines from all around the world. 
The lively Kungshallen food hall in Stockholm, aglow with neon green lights in the evening, where families with kids can explore a variety of dining options, making it a delightful stop among the things to do in Stockholm with kids. Pin

Now, let’s talk about the weather and daylight hours in Stockholm during the winter months. If you’re anything like us, you might wonder, “How do we navigate shorter days and cooler temperatures with kids?” Well, we’ve got some tips for you.

Illuminated reindeer sculptures create a magical atmosphere in a Swedish city during Christmas, with the warm glow of string lights against the evening sky, offering a captivating sight for children and families celebrating the festive season. Pin
Stockholm in December
  1. Plan Around Limited Daylight: With fewer daylight hours in Winter, planning your outdoor activities earlier in the day is a good idea. Keep in mind that days are shorter. Sunrises around 8:30 am and sets as early as 3 pm, but lingers’ twilight glow makes for beautiful, ethereal light.
  2. Mix Indoor and outdoor activities in your itinerary: While outdoor activities are a must in Stockholm, make sure to balance them out with indoor attractions such as museums, galleries, and cafes.
  3. Dress in Layers: Bundle up! Stockholm’s Winter can be chilly, but that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable. Invest in good quality thermal wear to keep your little ones warm and comfortable.
  4. Stay Active: Encourage your kids to stay active, as it helps keep them warm. Whether building a snowman or taking a short walk through the city, staying active is fun and warm.
  5. Keep a Flexible Schedule: With unpredictable weather, having a flexible itinerary is always a good idea. This way, you can easily switch between outdoor and indoor activities based on the weather conditions. 
A serene winter sunset in Stockholm, with a silhouette of a sailboat moored by the lakeside, bare trees, and a path illuminated by street lamps, creating a picturesque backdrop for a family evening stroll in the city with kids. Pin
Sunset in winter

Dressing your kids in Winter

Get ready to embrace the chill! Stockholm’s winter season is nothing to mock at. 

As the temperature drops, it’s time to bundle up in layers, especially when venturing outdoors. 

Ensure every family member is snug in thermal clothing, with a waterproof jacket and sturdy boots. Here’s a simple guide to layering their clothes effectively:

  1. Thermal Base Layer: Nothing beats a soft merino wool or polyester base layer when it comes to staying warm. These materials trap heat and wick moisture away from the body, keeping you nice and toasty. Say goodbye to cotton, which is better suited for summer adventures.
  2. Insulating Mid Layer: This layer is your partner in crime when the temperatures drop below 41°F. Look for options with zippers for easy removal if you or the kids start feeling too warm during playtime.
  3. Waterproof Outer Layer: Don’t leave home without a quality jacket that can brave the harshest weather conditions. Ensure it’s waterproof, windproof, and breathable to stay comfortable outdoors.
A young child bundled up in a cozy winter suit sits in a black sled, ready for an adventure in the snow-covered woods of Stockholm, showcasing the practical yet stylish winter clothing that makes outdoor play enjoyable for kids in Stockholm's winter season. Pin
Winter’s clothes

And remember the cozy mittens and scarves! For the little ones, consider balaclavas to keep their breath warm and the cold at bay.

Winter in Stockholm is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, but the proper clothing is crucial for staying comfy and warm.

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